Sample Projects
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Sample Projects

Sample Projects

This is a sample of current projects that MPS is working on.

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry High School Capital Project Update


This expansion will provide adequate space for science instruction based on current and future enrollment projections.


Bancroft School remodel project planned to begin in the summer of 2016 with completion in the Fall of 2018.


MPS is committed to the development and construction of an Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Transitions Plus (T+) building. The project is currently in the design phase with estimated substantial completion in fall of 2018.


Franklin School repurpose project began in FY15 with a substantial completion of July 2015.  This included a substantial "gut and remodel" of the school building.

Northrop at Ericsson

This project at Northrop School will include the design, construction, furnish, and equip needed spaces and systems to provide a better learning expierence for the students.

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