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Franklin Fron Entry

Franklin Middle School was closed approximately ten years ago and had not been used for MPS programming since that time.  The building was leased for several years by a local Charter School.  The District reopened Franklin effective fall 2015 as a middle school enrolling grades 6-8.  The existing Franklin Middle School building was built in 1970 with no other additions. 

Design work has begun on reopening the pool at Franklin Middle School. The Project Charter specifies renewing the existing pool that has been dormant for over 10 years. It is envisioned

Franklin Front Entry
the pool will be utilized, primarily, by the community for learn to swim programs, recreational uses and not for competitive use. The Scope of design work includes addressing architectural accessibility requirements, pool area finishes & acoustics, seating, plumbing systems, pool water heating and HVAC, related electrical components, pool systems and accessories. The pool has been filled to confirm it will hold water and to help identify any issues that may arise, as well as review accessibility requirements to meet the needs of the pools intended use as a community programmed space.