RFP-16-1: Elevator Assessment Services
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RFP 16-1: Elevator Assessment Services

RFP 16-1: Elevator Assessment Services

Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting:

Minneapolis Public Schools
1250 West Broadway

Room L4-307
Meeting time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm



1.  Q:  Has MPS utililzed the RFP process for previous elevator assessments?
      A:  No, this is the first elevator assessment performed for the district.
2.  Q:  Were any addenda issued with this RFP?
      A: No addenda have been issued as of March 21, 2016.
3.  Q:  Would you please qualify the TGB expectations for this RFP as referenced on page 15?  If a respondent's results to these questions resulted in 0% for Option #1 and 0% for Option #2, would they be disqualified? 
      A:   No, a respondent with less than the MPS targeted goal of 10% would not be disqualified.
4.  Q:  The sample "Administrative Documents" references insurance requirements in Section 12.0.  It references in "Appendix E".  Can you provide Appendix E so we can see what the insurance requiremetns are?
     A:  Yes, the revised Administrative Documents section, version 2.1, now  includes the missing Appendix.