Sample Projects
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Sample Projects


Science Classroom Expansion

Earlier this year, the District committed an additional $4.5M in capital funding for Washburn High School to add 5 science classrooms, with the intention of having those rooms available by August 2018. As planning for the project has unfolded, the architect has advised the City of Minneapolis will be requiring additional zoning code review before this project can move forward. While building code review is a standard step in capital planning processes, this zoning review is anticipated to take 12 weeks as it includes a preliminary plan development review followed by a land use application. Once the plan review is complete, we anticipate at least another month before a building permit can be issued. Since we know the project / construction schedule will need to change because of this additional delay in code review, and anticipate the city will also add to the scope of the project in their review, we are planning to re-bid this project. Planning and Design, along with Chief DeVet, met with Principal Dean, staff and the Site Council co-chairs this week to discuss this change in project schedule. While we don’t have a firm substantial completion date at this point, we felt it was important to notify the school community that it was possible, but not likely, these classrooms might still be ready by August, and that a January 2019 date of completion should be anticipated. 

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